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The Salam docks after the Caravan was forced to bribe the Egyptian authorities

by on January 6, 2011

We heard last night that the ship accompanying the Caravan, Salam, carrying humanitarian aid for the Gazan population, has finally been allowed to dock at the Egyptian port of Al Arish.

The Egyptian authorities have refused to unload the materiel sent by Iran, and have turned over the rest to the Israelis for inspection. According to Iran’s PressTV, the Caravan members have vowed to remain in Gaza until all the aid has indeed reached the people for whom it is intended.

We have also heard that the bribe paid to the Egyptian authorities to let the Salam dock came to $10,000! If this is indeed true, it brings to light the disgusting manner in which Egypt – and other collaborationist regimes like it – profit from the plight of the Palestinians.


  1. Egypt halts full aid delivery to Gaza
  2. Asia2Gaza on twitter
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