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This is the official web presence of the Pakistani campaign of solidarity with the people of Palestine.

One of our goals is to add the voice of Pakistani activists to the growing international call for the boycott of, divestment from and sanctions on all entities that promote Zionism and the apartheid state of Israel (governmental or not, based in Israel or outside it, commercial or not-for-profit). Our founding document is the Pakistani call for the boycott of Israel, which lists the three basic principles that we ask all signatories to endorse.

As we go along, we intend to build this up as a repository of ideas, activist material and reference point for solidarity with Palestine in the Pakistani context.

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  1. Thank you, from all my heart.

  2. Well done. This makes us all proud, and may the Pakistanis be an example for all the rest of us.

  3. Novera Fatima permalink

    Great Work.Please keep on awaring Pakistanis about israeli war crimes against innocent Palestinians.

  4. National Students Federation will welcome caravan at wahgah Border.It is decided in NSF Lahore Chapter meting that NSF will launch a campaign to aware people of Pakistan about Palestine cause.NSF activists will participate in this campaign.Israel`s occupation on Palestine is painful for people of Pakistan.we pay solidarity to people of Palestine.

    NSF Lahore

  5. Shafqat permalink

    Great comrades!

  6. Arshad Haroon permalink

    A first step in the right direction!

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