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The Asian Caravan to Gaza

AsiatoGaza is a movement that intends to break the illegal siege of Gaza in a peaceful manner. AsiatoGaza consists of non governmental organizations as well as people from various Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kuwait, UAE and various religions like Muslims, Christian, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists as well as atheists. In coordination with other activists all over the world, AsiatoGaza has arranged a caravan from New Delhi, India to Gaza with the participation of activists from several Asian countries. This caravan started on 2nd December 2010 from India and passes through Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt on its way to the Rafah crossing into Gaza.

Pakistanis for Palestine will have the pleasure to host the caravan during their journey through Pakistan. We are also happy to announce that one of our members will be joining the caravan. We will be posting news from the journey of the caravan on our blog.

You can also find more info on:

All our posts about the Caravan can be found here!

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